Who is Fizz?

Fizz is a word of mouth marketing agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our goal at Fizz is to help you build your brand. Our focus is simple to identify the customers and potential customers most likely to talk about your brand (we call these people influencers) and then use creative tactics to encourage communication. We call this “Influencer Marketing” and it is the most effective technique available to you for growing your brand.

Influencer Marketing includes tactics such as evangelist, viral, grassroots and seeding, to name a few. Although these may seem like buzzwords, each is a distinct tactic that has its proper time and place. They are often used together to create great stories about your brand that people will want to share with one another over an extended period of time.

All Influencer Marketing techniques are based on the concepts of customer satisfaction, two-way dialog and transparent communications. The basic elements are:

  • Identifying the people most likely to share their opinions
  • Studying how, where and when opinions are being shared
  • Providing the tools to make it easier to share information
  • Listening and responding to people that have good, bad or indifferent things to say
Conventional marketing Influencer Marketing
  • Broadcast
  • Push
  • Company scheduled
  • Lag time
  • Company to audience
  • Expected
  • Narrowcast
  • Pull
  • Consumer requested
  • Real time
  • Peer to Peer
  • Interesting

Fizz has in-house strategic, creative and executional staff making Fizz a one stop shop for all aspects of a successful word of mouth campaign.

Who are the Influencers?

You know them; the person who always has the best recommendation for restaurants, new drinks, music, books; whatever they are passionate about. They have a lot of information that is valuable to their friends. In short, Influencers are a personality type; not a person. They represent about 15% of the North American population. Influencers have three distinct personality traits.
1. They search for new things because they are new
2. They share information with their friends by communicating with stories
3. Friends like being around them because Influencers always know what’s new; this saves their friends time and effort having to discover everything for themselves

It is this combination of traits that makes Influencers so effective as well as makes them identifiable using Fizz’s methodology. These people exist in different demos, cultures and subcultures and typically influence more than one group since they have a broad range of interests and social circles.

How does Influencer Marketing work?

For Influencers, great stories are social currency. They thrive on being at the center of each of their social circles and are constantly searching for new ways to increase their collection of stories. They do this by finding new information and sharing it in an entertaining way.

From this word-of-mouth process, brands gain awareness and credibility. The Influencer's status continues to grow as their friends try the brands recommended to them and report back with positive feedback. As the positive feedback grows, the Influencer becomes more vested in the brand's success.

How many Influencers do you have?

Our proprietary database, Fizz Corp, controls thousands of passionate Influencers across all beverage styles and brands. Many of you are used to talking about the quantity of people that see a particular message. We, however, are talking about quality, not quantity for Influencers. Demographics are a range of ages, not a target market. We use a proprietary methodology which focuses on the quality of your audience. This is grounded in a strategic mix of account planning, research and in-depth data. Each campaign results in a different number of Influencers. We can provide numbers for you if you’re interested in the specific details of our case studies.

What sort of creative does Fizz do?

We have award winning in-house creative capability in a number of disciplines. We also work with your pre-existing creative such as promotions, TV commercials, PR campaigns, etc. The type of creative we ultimately use is determined by listening to the target audience and understanding the format they are going to respond to. This means that after we have enough information for the particular audience, we use one of our tactics in order to encourage them to communicate.

How do I know if Influencer Marketing will work for my brand?

Do you have a good brand story that once people learn it, they will want to share it with others? If you answered “yes”, then Influencer Marketing will work for your brand.

Can we use you even if we’re doing TV/radio/insert tactic here?

Yes. Broadcast advertising pushes messages out to a broad audience. Influencer Marketing can help your message circulate faster as long as it is relevant enough for the Influencer to repeat to others. Influencer Marketing may not replace traditional brand efforts; it can be used to complement existing campaigns.

How do you measure results?

In our former professional lives, the number one objective we had was delivering a return on investment for all marketing efforts. We have several case studies where we can show you solid returns that you can even calculate for yourself.

We always look at profitable volume as the ultimate return on investment, however, we’ll work with you, your third party vendor or in-house research department to put in place quantitative and qualitative metrics and defined goals such as:

  • Sales tracking, including sell-in, velocity and margin
  • Contact/referral tracking including offer redemption
  • Cost per acquisition, cost per activity and cost per impression
  • Sales conversion rates
  • Media impressions
  • Brand health, attribute shifts and awareness measures

We also monitor in real-time, which allows us to modify tactics on an ongoing basis as needed.

What makes Fizz different?

  • Our pre-existing Influencer Marketing network
  • Previous success in harnessing word-of-mouth
  • Measurement services